Build a website from scratch with TYPO3 Neos

Neos Workshop Bern

Où & quand ?

21 - 21 août 2014 | Conference Center Swisscom | Genfergasse 14 | CH3011 Bern

Need to learn TYPO3 Neos ? This workshop organized in collaboration with Swisscom AG will give you all the key for integrating a website with TYPO3 Neos. The location is near the train station in Bern city. Access by train or car is really easy.

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This intensive course is being held in Bern, Switzerland at the Swisscom Conference Center. Participants will experience building a website with TYPO3 Neos, from scratch with Dominique Feyer, TYPO3 Neos and TYPO3 Flow active contributor. The target audience is experienced website integrator with good skills in HTML, CSS and Javascript. No need to have any background with a TYPO3 product or PHP.

Registration is limited to a maximum of 8 attendees only, workshop given in english 

Price: 580 CHF (480 €) / person, group discounts are also available.

Learn Neos

The workshop focus on integrating an existing HTML/CSS templates for a real website and working on the content inventory for this specific website to add new type of content. A single day is a short timeframe, but at the end of the day you will have the basics understanding to start a new Neos project by yourself and the foundation to respect common best practices.  

About TYPO3 Neos ?

TYPO3 Neos is futuristic open source content management system . The system offer great functionalities to give more value to your content. The content management system can be configure to perfectly match your contents. Based on content repository, you can configure Neos to store every piece of content with all the meta data and structure that you need to build a modern website.

Neos come with important internal concepts, like TypoScript2 the language to configure how you content are rendered, FlowQuery the content repository query language, highly inspired by jQuery and DOM manipulation and EEL (Embedded Expression Language), inspired by the JavaScript.

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